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2023-2024 Costs

  • Total Cost of Attendance: $89,587 + Travel Expenses
    • Tuition and Fees: $68,400
    • New Student Fees: $645
    • Food and Housing: $16,800
    • Books and Personal Expenses: $3,742
    • Travel Expenses: Varies
  • These figures are the basis for determining financial aid eligibility, although individual student expenses may vary.
  • The figure for food and housing represents a first-year student living on campus for the full year. Housing and food for non-first year students is based on the standard room charge and Meal Plan B. Students living off campus (and not living with a parent) will have the same on-campus allowance for housing and food expenses.
  • First-year and incoming transfer/combined plan students are charged one-time transcript and orientation fees totaling $645.


  • Columbia awards more than $200 million annually in scholarships and grants from all sources.
  • 50% of all Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students receive grants from Columbia and the average amount awarded is $62,850.
  • 51% of the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Class of 2027 received grants from Columbia and the average amount awarded to that entering class was $70,797.
  • 19% of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering undergraduates receive the Pell Grant, a Federal Grant reserved for the students with the highest need in the country.


  • Students are expected to borrow $0 to attend Columbia.


  • Students who receive work-study are able to earn wages during their academic year to help offset their expenses by working an average of 7 hours a week in an on-campus job.


  • The median income of families receiving Columbia Grant is $97,020, but many families who earn as much as $250,000 a year can qualify for financial aid.
  • Parents with calculated incomes below $66,000 a year and typical assets are expected to contribute $0 towards their children’s Columbia education.
  • Students from families with calculated incomes between $66,000 and $150,000 and typical assets are able to attend Columbia tuition-free.