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What is an appeal and how do I know if my family qualifies?

An appeal is a formal request to reevaluate a family's financial aid package if you have experienced a change in your financial situation or are encountering special circumstances not already included in your application. Be aware that families cannot apply for an appeal until after they receive their initial financial aid award letter.

*Please carefully review the following eligible circumstances below:

  • Loss of employment which will reduce your family’s anticipated 2020 income
  • One-time and non-recurring income/assets (e.g. inheritance, severance package, etc.)
  • Medical expenses not previously reported on the CSS Profile
  • Financial support for relatives not previously reported on the CSS Profile
  • Other (e.g. natural disaster, funeral expenses, etc.)

*Please carefully review the following ineligible circumstances below:

  • Consumer debt such as credit card debt
  • High mortgage payments
  • Home maintenance/construction
  • Currency devaluation for families residing abroad
  • Sibling enrollment in graduate school or a second bachelor’s degree
  • Education loan repayment for student or student's siblings

How do I submit an official request for an appeal?

Families must complete an Appeal Request Form in order to have their financial aid package reviewed by our office. Once completed, families can submit their request form by email or fax along with any pertinent supporting documentation. We encourage families to prepare any supporting materials prior to their appeal request and submit them through the forums previously mentioned.

To apply for an reevaluation, please click the following link: Appeal Request Form

For appeals involving a change in income from 2018, in addition to the Appeal Request Form, complete our Alternate Tax Year Worksheet and upload your complete 2019 income taxes to IDOC.

Are there any other documents that I will need to submit?

Our office may request that families seeking reevaluations complete a range of supplemental materials in order to process their student's appeal. These forms can range from an income & expense worksheet, prior-year tax returns, reports of unexpected incidents or expenses, corroborating third-party documentation etc.

All other sensitive documentation should be submitted to our office through the IDOC (Institutional Documentation Service) or any of the forums previously mentioned. Please allow 5-8 business days for documents uploaded to IDOC to be received by Columbia University.