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Summer Funding

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Columbia provides financial aid for the traditional fall and spring semesters only. Some summer funding opportunities do exist outside of financial aid for those students interning, working on research projects, taking classes, or studying abroad over the summer. Please see the links below for additional information.

Please note that the Student Contribution (summer earnings requirement) is still expected from students who are participating in elective summer programs.

Unpaid Internships / Research Projects / Community Service

Summer Study Abroad

Summer Classes

Students may borrow loans to cover summer classes that apply toward their degree program. These courses may be taken at Columbia or at another university, pending approval from the Center for Student Advising.

If you plan to take summer courses at another university, a Consortium Agreement needs to be completed by your advisor and the Host Institution. Please contact our office regarding the process.

Students enrolled in six credits or more may borrow a Federal Direct Student Loan up to their yearly maximum. Students can borrow in the summer if they have remaining federal student loan eligibility from the preceding fall and spring semesters.

Parents also may borrow a Federal Parent PLUS Loan to cover summer educational costs. This will have no effect on their eligibility for PLUS during the academic year. See our loan page for additional information about federal loan options.

Students enrolled in less than six credits are only eligible for educational loans secured through private lenders.

Summers at CU

  • Columbia offers summer housing options for current students, graduating seniors & visiting students.
  • Visit the CU Summer website for class registration deadlines.
  • The cost of summer tuition for continuing students in degree programs can be found on the Student Financial Services page.