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PLEASE NOTE: This tool is not able to account for all variations in billing for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you anticipate a certain expense being more or less than the values in the tool, please manually adjust for those differences at the Estimated Amount Due line. Alternatively, returning students who qualify for Columbia Grant can use this E-Bill Worksheet to help estimate what their E-Bill will look like. A separate E-Bill Worksheet is being developed for new students and will be available shortly.


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Your - Bill Estimate

Fall Spring Total
Tuition $ $ $
Student Life Fee $ $ $
Health Service Fee $ $ $
Orientation Fee $ $ $
Transcript Fee $ $ $
Columbia Medical Insurance $ $ $
Housing $ $ $
Meal Plan $ $ $
Total Charges $ $ $
Federal, State and Institutional Aid $ $ $
Admissions Deposit $ $ $
Outside Scholarships, Tuition Benefits, External Funding $ $ $
Loans $ $ $
Credits $ $ $
Estimated Amount Due $ $ $
Estimated Credit $ $ $
  • This estimator tool is intended to assist with your financial planning for the year and it does not reflect the final Columbia bill, which may also include other charges (e.g. course fees, Flex charges, a prior year balance, etc.). Students and parents should reference their E-Bill online in August to view actual charges and credits for the semester, as well as any balance that may be due.
  • Federal Direct student/parent loans have an Origination Fee that is subtracted from the total borrowed amount. The Bill Estimator shows the net loan amount. For more information about loan eligibility and fees, please see Education Loans.
  • The estimated amount due does NOT include non-billed expenses (books/supplies, personal & travel expenses).
  • Please see available financing options.
  • The Kosher meal plan cost is 10% higher than the amount reflected above. Financial aid recipients are encouraged to contact our office to discuss the possibility of additional grant to cover this cost.
  • To understand how your bill may change if you are studying abroad or becoming a Residential Advisor, please speak with a financial aid officer.