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Columbia College and Columbia Engineering are extending an opportunity for Columbia Grant-eligible students to apply for a special one-time Summer Earnings Grant that will offset the traditional summer earnings expectation component of financial aid packages for the 2020-2021 academic year. The grant application process is open to all incoming students and continuing undergraduates for whom summer employment may no longer be possible, due to the COVID-19 impact or restrictions.

Please note, there is limited funding available for the one-time Summer Earnings Grant so it may not be possible to fund all applications.


  • Current recipient of Columbia Grant-based financial aid with a summer work expectation (Student Contribution)

  • Currently registered student or student who intends to enroll for the full 2020-21 academic year

See program exceptions below in the Special Notes section.


Complete the Summer 2020 Earnings Grant Application. Please follow all application instructions carefully and review the program information on this website before you apply. Your application must be submitted by the deadline, Wednesday, June 24 at 5:00 pm EST. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered. The link to start your application is below.

Summer 2020 Earning Grant Application

How the Grant Works

If you are awarded the Summer 2020 Earnings Grant, it will replace all or a portion of the summer earnings expectation (Student Contribution) component of your 2020-2021 financial aid package. The funding will be directly applied towards your student account and will be equally split between the Fall and Spring semesters. You must be charged full-time tuition in the term that that Summer 2020 earnings grant will be applied.

Special Notes

If you have been awarded a Work Exemption Program (WEP) summer 2020 award, you are ineligible for this grant since a WEP grant would already fully replace the summer work expectation.

If you have already received funding for summer opportunities from other Columbia University sources, the value of your Summer 2020 Earnings Grant may be adjusted to reflect the awarding of these other funds.

The following financial aid recipients may not be not eligible to apply for the Summer 2020 Earnings Grant:

  • Resident Advisers (RA) serving for the 2020-2021 Fall and Spring semesters are ineligible since their student contribution and in-school work expectations will already be replaced by a Resident Adviser Grant.

  • University scholars may be ineligible or have reduced eligibility depending on whether they have a student contribution expectation for the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Students receiving an outside scholarship, tuition benefit or Veterans Benefit may be ineligible or have reduced eligibility depending on whether they have a student contribution and/or in-school work expectation for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The following summer experiences are not eligible for the Summer 2020 Earnings Grant:

  • Any opportunity that is a component of an academic program of study or for which course credit is being offered (including research conducted for the sole purpose of a senior thesis project).

  • Any academic or experiential endeavor that requires a student to pay to participate in the program

  • Any paid summer internship that allows a student to meet their student contribution

  • Opportunities that support partisan political activity or that involve proselytizing, preaching or missionary work on behalf of a religious organization

Travel considerations:

The University has suspended all Columbia-related travel, both domestic and international, for all affiliates until further notice, travel for summer opportunities will not be funded. However, if there are no governmental restrictions in place within your hometown or your summer location as well as the location of your summer opportunity, then the opportunity may be eligible for funding so we encourage you to apply.

Recipients of the Summer 2020 Earnings Grant are expected to abide by all governmental orders or advisories at the local, state/regional and national levels during their funded experience. This includes adhering to social distancing and other public health measures as well as stay at home orders and applies to domestic and international locations.

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