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Students who serve as a Resident Adviser (RA) are eligible for a financial benefit. RAs receive a $600 stipend over the course of the academic year from the Office of Residential Programs and the benefit of a free room/no housing charge. Additionally, RAs who are Columbia Grant recipients will be eligible for a Resident Adviser Grant from the Office of Financial Aid & Educational Financing.

More information on the Resident Adviser Program

Resident Adviser Grant

Resident Advisers who qualify for Columbia Grant are eligible to receive a Resident Adviser Grant, which will be detailed on their financial aid award letter. The estimated Cost of Attendance will no longer reflect an allocation for housing since RAs are not charged for this expense. The standard Student Contribution and the standard In-School Work Expectation will be replaced with a Resident Adviser Grant. The Resident Adviser Grant will disburse evenly between the Fall and Spring semester and will be applied to your bill to reduce your Student Account charges.

Please note that your eligibility for the Resident Adviser Grant may be reduced if your In-School Work Expectation and/or your Student Contribution have already been reduced or eliminated due to another program or source of external funding (e.g. WEP Grant, outside scholarship, employee tuition benefit, etc.).

Feel free to contact our office if you have questions regarding your Resident Adviser Grant eligibility. For questions that do not pertain to financial aid, please contact Scott Helfrich, Associate Director of Residential Programs at 212-854-7897.