Search for a Work Study Job

Additional information regarding Work Study employment can be found at the Student Financial Services Federal Work Study Office website.

Non Work Study Jobs: You can search for Non Work Study Jobs through the Center for Career Education.

Steps for Using the Work-Study Award

  1. Find a job by searching the Federal Work Study Office Job Search
  2. Obtain the required Work-Study forms online or at the Federal Work-Study Office (FWS Office) located in 210 Kent
  3. Return forms and required documentation to the FWS Office
  4. Obtain Payroll Confirmation card from FWS Office
  5. Report to work

How can I find a FWS job?

Federal Work Study jobs are listed on the Federal Work Study Office website.

After you find a job that interests you, you must bring an Employment Authorization Form (available from the Federal Work Study Payroll Office in 207 Kent Hall) directly to the employer. If you are hired for a work study position, your employer will complete the Employment Authorization Form, which then must be returned to the Federal Work Study Payroll Office.

When can I begin to look for FWS jobs?

Departments will post Academic Year positions in late August, but will require an interview before extending an offer. Newly admitted students will NOT be able to access the Work Study job postings via ColumbiaTrak until they have been assigned their Columbia UNI and email address (the summer before enrolling).

How will I receive my earnings? Do my wages get deposited directly to my student account?

Student employees generally receive biweekly paychecks for the hours they worked. These earnings do not appear as credits on any bill received from Columbia. Instead, a paycheck will be given to the student and the money earned may be used to purchase books and other personal items.

Wages for work study jobs range from approximately $7.25 to $12, depending on the job and your qualifications. Most first-year students earn approximately $8-10 per hour and therefore work about ten to twelve hours a week to fulfill their work study allocation.