Regular Decision - US Citizens and Eligible Non-Citizens

2014-2015 Application Process for Regular Decision Applicants for the Class of 2018 (enrolling Fall 2014)

All documents received after March 3 will be processed without penalty.

The following information will help you determine which applications and forms you need to complete and the dates you should submit them.


Required FormsHow to ApplyDue Dates

CSS Profile

Complete the 2014-2015 CSS Profile online if you wish to apply for institutional financial aid, including Columbia University Grant.

CSS School Code: 2116

Please note that sending your CSS Profile to one college costs $25; additional reports are $16 each. The CSS Profile automatically provides fee waivers for students from low-income families with limited assets.

Profile data will be sent electronically from CSS to Columbia so you do not need to send us copies or printouts of your application.

Please ensure that the student Social Security Number submitted on the CSS Profile matches the Social Security Number submitted on The Common Application and the Columbia Supplement.

March 3, 2014

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Complete the 2014-2015 FAFSA online so we may determine your eligibility for federal financial aid, including the Pell Grant, Federal Work Study, and Federal Direct Student Loans.

FAFSA School Code: Columbia University: 002707

Please note that there are no costs associated with completing or submitting the FAFSA.

We strongly encourage all applicants to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when filing the FAFSA.

Be sure to sign your FAFSA either electronically with a PIN number provided by the Department of Education or by printing out and mailing a FAFSA signature sheet to the processor.  Both the student and at least one custodial parent must sign the FAFSA.  More information on PIN numbers will be found at

Please ensure that the student’s Social Security Number submitted on the FAFSA matches the Social Security Number submitted on The Common Application and the Columbia Supplement.  Please also ensure that the student’s name submitted on the FAFSA matches the full legal name on the student’s Social Security Card.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are not currently enrolled at Columbia or who are applying for admission to Columbia do not need to submit additional paperwork for the Federal Verification process at this time. If you do enroll at Columbia, our office will work with you during the summer to collect the required documentation.

March 3, 2014

2013 Tax Returns & W-2 Forms via IDOC

Once you have completed the CSS Profile you will receive an IDOC number directly from the College Board.  Please submit the following materials in your IDOC packet:

  • College Board IDOC Cover Sheet

  • Signed copies of parent & student 2013 federal income tax returns and W-2 forms: all pages, all schedules, all attachments.

    Please do not send state tax returns.

    If either you and/or your parents will not file a 2013 federal tax return, you must submit a Parent Non-Filer certification and/or a Student Non-Filer certification.

  • Additional Forms:

    • Business/Farm tax Documents
      • Sole proprietors must submit Schedule C and/or Schedule F (Farm).
      • Corporations and S-Corporations must submit K-1s, as well as the complete federal 1120/1120-S returns.
      • Partnerships must submit K-1s, as well as the complete federal 1065 returns.
    • Noncustodial Parent tax return and W-2s (both business and personal).
    • Letter of special circumstances

Mail to:
The College Board IDOC
PO Box 4017
Mount Vernon, IL 62864

The financial aid office strongly encourages you to complete your and your parents’ 2013 federal income taxes in February. Signed copies of parent and student 2013 federal income tax returns and W-2 forms are required for verification of the information which you report on the financial aid application forms.

If you or you parents will not file a 2013 federal tax return, you must submit a Parent Tax Non-Filer or Student Tax Non-Filer certification.

If 2013 federal income taxes are not available by March 3, 2014, please submit 2013 W-2 forms and 2012 federal income tax returns (personal and business returns: including all schedules and W-2 forms) directly to our office. Please use our COVER SHEET for all documents you submit to our office to insure proper coding and filing. Please note that a financial aid award will not be finalized until the 2013 federal income tax returns have been reviewed by the Columbia financial aid office.

Please do NOT send state income tax returns.

March 3, 2014

CSS Noncustodial Profile (Only required if your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married.) and Noncustodial Tax Returns

If you indicated on the CSS Profile that your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married then your non-custodial parent will need to complete the CSS Noncustodial Profile. You will be sent an e-mail which will contain a link and login instructions for the Noncustodial Profile website that you will need to forward to your noncustodial parent.

In addition, your noncustodial parent must send a copy of their 2013 tax returns (personal and business; all pages, all schedules and W-2s) as part of the IDOC packet (see above).

If you think there will be difficulty in meeting this deadline, you must contact the financial aid office to discuss your extenuating circumstances.

March 3, 2014

Additional Information

Please feel free to submit a letter of explanation if your family has special circumstances or unusual expenses, or if you feel there are other details which will help us better understand your financial situation. Please send any additional information to the following address:

Financial Aid & Educational Financing
Columbia University
1130 Amsterdam Avenue
100 Hamilton Hall, MC 2802
New York, NY 10027

Or FAX to 212-854-5353 (COVERSHEET).

March 3, 2014