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Estimated Cost of Attendance for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

M.S. Students (Full-time)2017-2018Fall 2017Spring 2018
Tuition ($1,936 per point/ based on a minimum of 24 points)$46,464.00$23,232.00$23,232.00
Books & Supplies$2,000.00$1,000.00$1,000.00
Room $15,255.00$6,780.00$8,475.00
International Student Fee$160.00$80.00$80.00
Health Insurance (Gold coverage)$3,006.00$1,145.00$1,861.00
Health Service Fee$1,070.00$535.00$535.00
Document Fee (one time charge)$105.00
Facilities Fee$1,046.00$523.00$523.00
Personal Expenses$3,500.00$1,750.00$1,750.00
SEAS Graduate Student Activities Fee$300.00$150.00$150.00
Transportation (monthly MetroCard)$1,089.00$484.00$605.00
Total Estimated Expenses$79,890.00$38,444.00$40,976.00

Ph.D. & CVN students, please check with your department for Residence Unit and other costs.

$1,000 Program Fee for M.S. through IEOR Dept. (12+ points)
$500 Program Fee for M.S. through IEOR Dept. (<12 points)
$25 Student Activity Fee, M.S.-PhD track
$50 Student Activity Fee, M.S. (<12 points)
$100 Student Activity Fee, M.S. (12+ points)


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